Interesting news from the world of Facebook, Twitter and the FCC.

I read a story saying that Facebook has a value of $10 Billion dollars. That is crazy! The site we use everyday for putting off homework or just to stalk people we don't know (don't lie we all have done it) is worth $10 billion dollars!

In Twitter news, there has been rumors going around that the social networking site will try and create a TV show to go and find celebrities. Isn't that called stalking? Just think what the world would be if the paparazzi would follow celebs around by their twitter. That would be insane and really creepy to say the least. But, the biggest tweeter of them all, Ashton Kutcher, said that he would be against it and his better half Demi Moore would stop twittering as well.

In closing, I was watching TV the other day and they mentioned that due to a really old law the FCC has power to go into your house and search your belongings. The reason for that is due to the that fact that cell phones transmit radio waves. So, if you are transmitting radio waves it gives them the right to search your house and if you have anything illegal then say goodbye to it. I am in the process of finding a link for the FCC story. When I get it I will post it.

Let me know what you think.


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