Since joining Twitter last summer I have become quite the “tweeter”. But lately I have turned into more of a Twitter-stalker, “twit-stalk”, if you will.  I find myself so invested and engrossed in (insert twitter name here)’s ramblings throughout the day that I feel the need to login to the site 17 times a day in addition to receiving tweets to my phone.  I just have to know what people are saying in 140 characters or less. For some reason it’s fascinating to me to know when someone is “stuck in traffic” or “trying on sunglasses, aviators rock”.
I even twit-stalk celebrities.  Spencer and Heidi tweet at each other and about the fabulous music career of Ms. Spencer Pratt.  Oprah name-drops in her tweets and throws in an inspirational message every now and then.  Ashton is still working on creating a Guiness work record for most followers. Perez dishes out the gossip and rants about Lady Gaga. Fascinating.
If anyone out there shares my twisted twit-stalking habit follow me: twitter.com/torreyyy.  I promise to keep you updated about how much I love the diet coke I’m drinking and keep you updated on the status of my tan lines. 



rambling girl said...

and by "rants about Lady Gaga" i mean raves. perez raves about her.

Jodi said...

Twitter is awesome, you don't have to drive by peoples houses anymore to know what they are doing!