Chris Brown, It’s Time to Grow a Pair.

This past Monday (June 22nd 2009), Chris Brown sat silent in court while lawyers worked out a plea bargain avoiding jail time for assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. The current deal being worked out is an effort for Brown to avoid jail time for his vicious attack. This cushy deal gets Brown off the hook, all he needs to do is community labor, have 5 years probation, and attend anger management classes. In my opinion this is disgusting. Roslyn Muraskin (Director of the Long Island Women’s Institute) states, “It sets a very poor example, it sends the wrong message to young men and victims of domestic violence.” I couldn’t agree more.

Chris Brown should have lost it all, but he will likely come out on top because of his celebrity status. It won’t be hard for him to do his community service, and write some auto-biography about how he has learned from his mistake, and found a better way cope with his emotions.

So to this I ask him, “If you’re man enough to solve your problems with violence, man enough to beat up a woman you claimed to love, then why are you not man enough to go to jail?” I guess you just aren’t a man after all. So Chris, when you’re putting on that free concert for your community service to cover backside, remember that even Martha Stewart and Paris Hilton have more street-cred than you do.



Jelly bell said...

One of the many blogger-slaps to the face that Brown deserves.

Tim said...

One thing about this blog entry that made me happy is the Rihanna was referred as Brown's "ex-girlfriend". I hope this is true, since it severely depressed me to hear that they were trying to work things out.