Is Being an Independent Band Better for these Trying Times?

There is a ridiculously good band based out of Washington D.C. that is currently touring and releasing music independently. They are You, Me, And Everyone We Know. Their music has been compared to Panic at the Disco and Say Anything because of the similarities in voices between Ben Liebsch (their lead singer) with Brendon Urie and Max Bemis.

This band has the attitude of being "unsigned and just fine". They have no help from a label doing every single thing involved with the band on their own. This mentality makes everything they do revolve around their music. You Me and Everyone We Know has gotten attention from labels but has never felt right about signing. They don’t want to be blamed for doing their music for the money. They don't have a label to call when their van breaks down or to fund a hotel stay when they need some financial help. In addition, they do not have the help of a label to produce albums and release them at many different outlets.

When both of their albums first came out they gave the music out for free online. They gave away thousands of albums and realized that they were getting enough attention to start charging money for them. Now their albums "Party for the Grown and Sexy" and "So Young, So Insane" can be found on iTunes. These albums have been very successful as well.

Rico Vigil, guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist, was asked about their ‘unsigned and just fine’ attitude towards their music and how it has affected them as a band and responded by saying, "It’s proved to be the best attitude we could have adopted as a band. With the way the music industry is getting to be, putting yourself in the “once we’re signed” mindset can really slow you down." They have toured with the likes of I Am the Avalanche, The Dear Hunter, Four Year Strong, Just Surrender, Every Avenue, Sing it Loud, and The Color Fred.

In some way their “unsigned and just fine” attitude gains them more respect from fans as well as other band because they do what they do strictly to share their music and meet people across the country. In my opinion, they create amazing music and could probably sign to a label with no problem.

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Marksist said...

"DIY" (do it yourself) is something that a lot of artists prescribe to. To a certain point it's good to DIY, in fact, you should DIY for a WHILE before you approach labels. On the other hand this will only take you so far. Distribution and financial backing (for touring, marketing, etc.) are huge reasons to still seek label help. As far as I see it, a lot of those who feel the record label is "dead" are those that can't get a deal. Cheers