Concert Review: Third Eye Blind @ First Ave.

Third Eye Blind made a stop at First Ave. in Minneapolis last Sunday, May 31st. The show was packed and my view was obstructed by a lot of tall people, but that didn't bother me because I had a real good time singing along.

It took the first few songs for the band to really get into it, but their energy level after that more than exceeded my expectations. Even though Third Eye Blind experienced a ridiculous amount of success in the 90's they have not sold out. They made it clear how much they appreciate us all sticking with them through their 6-year-no-album-break and that they would not be out on tour before their album even drops if it was not for all the fans. They played a good mix of songs from all their albums. The band did something really interesting in the middle of the set to slow it down and relax a little bit. All the members sat down on the drum risers and played acoustic instruments for a few songs and even let the crowd chose a few of the songs they would play. It really felt like there was a connection between the band and the audience. After that they bounced back to being just as energetic as they were earlier in their set closing with many of the upbeat sing-a-longs like "Jumper" and "Semi Charmed Life". They even played a song from their most recent EP Red Star, and another from their forthcoming LP, Ursa Major.

The most powerful moment of the concert for me was when they played "Motorcycle Drive By". Stephen Jenkins explained that it is a really old song and it meant a lot to him when he wrote it and that it continues to mean a lot to him now because it means a lot to so many of us. It is one of my favorite songs by the band and I couldn't help but get chills when they played it.

Everyone pick up their forthcoming LP, Ursa Major, that is coming out August 18th! Third Eye Blind is currently a completely independent band with no record label, so I am sure they would really appreciate the support.


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