Jon Gosselin Moves on Quicky and Designs Children's Clothes

By now I thought all of the Jon and Kate drama would be over with because Jon and Kate finally filed for divorce. Throughout the run of the show I cannot lie; I have been a Jon supporter. I thought Kate was crazy and super-controlling, but to her credit, when you have a lot of kids, if you are not extremely organized and on top of things everything would probably be a disaster. While watching the show I have enjoyed Jon's laid-back perspective on life, and I thought the love for his children was extremely apparent in the way he consistently took care of his kids. I completely understood Jon's point of view on the media, and the fact that he wanted to stop the production of Jon and Kate Plus 8. But even now I must admit that this is a low blow. Jon, just weeks after filing for a divorce with Kate is seen with another woman, who happens to be the daughter of the surgeon who performed Kate's tummy tuck after she had the sextuplets. Over and over again, Jon denied having an affair, but that seems a little unlikely now that he is with this woman so soon after the split. He has decided to pursue a career in creating children's clothing, a career he would have never been able to have without the exposure from the show. If he really wanted separation from the show, I think that it is completely hypocritical of him to pursue a career in children's clothing design. In the past I have been a supporter of Jon, but now I really don't care for either parent, and really have no desire to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 any longer.

Learn more about Jon's new career choice and new love HERE.


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