Streaming: The Latest Way to Access Music

Perez Hilton claims that the music business may not be dead after all.

What does this queen of gossip know about the music business anyways? Don't worry, he based his thoughts off of this article.

A lot of websites are trying a different type of access to new music. When it comes to bands releasing new singles before their albums release, musicians are using websites like purevolume.com, myspace.com, and other outlets to get the music out to fans before they can buy it. This is called streaming. You can listen to songs in their entirety online. This article claims that streaming may be the reason behind illegal downloads going down.

The reason that streaming works well may have to do with the fact that people are spending more time sitting on their computers than doing other things. It has become extremely easy to just open up an extra window with the streaming music and listen while surfing the net. But it also may have to do with the fact that there are so many different ways to buy music outside of just iTunes and CDs now. For example, programs where you pay a monthly fee and can download an unlimited amount of songs have become popular.

MTV has a cool website called The Leak. (check it out at www.mtv.com/music/the_leak/ ) This is a special streaming site where fans can stream albums in entirety a few days before they are released. A fun fact is that All Time Low's second LP, Nothing Personal, that came out on July 7th and was streaming on The Leak a few days before its release and Nothing Personal had the largest leak in the website's history. This is another reason why streaming is a cool idea. It helps companies and people in the industry to track what fans like and what they don't.


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