Did Soulja Boy Get the Superman Treatment in Jail?

Soulja Boy, or DeAndre Cortez Way, was arrested Wednesday night for fleeing the cops in Atlanta. He’s been charged with obstruction after he continued to run from the cops after being ordered to stop.

Soulja Boy along with about 40 other people were in an abandoned house supposedly filming a video when the cops where called because of complaints from neighbors. Over half the people ran from the cops. Soulja Boy was arrested after he came back to the house to get his car. There was a second man arrested, who also returned for his car, and was found to have eight $100 counterfeit bills on him. Soulja boy was released Thursday after posting $500 bail.

Soulja Boy shouldn’t have been arrested because he fled the cops. I mean who hasn’t run from the cops during one point of their life? I know I have. If anything he should be arrested for writing and rapping the song “Crank That.” Not only was that song ridiculously overplayed, made writing on your sunglasses cool, and started a new dance craze, it made you Google what “superman dat ho” meant. You can Google it yourself if you’re curious. However, Soulja Boy has said that the song was only meant to start a new dance. Personally, I could care less either way. I’m just wondering if he got the superman treatment during his night in jail.


-Rachel H


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