Jesse McCartney: Fail

Singer Jesse McCartney forgot the lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner at the NASCAR Pepsi 500 race in California. McCartney skipped the second line of the song.

First of all, didn’t we learn the Star Spangled Banner at a very early age? I mean it’s our national anthem! You hear it at sporting events, sing it at school, and hear it every Fourth of July. Second of all he screwed up the beginning of the song, which I feel is the easiest part to remember. I can maybe understand not remembering “ramparts” and “bombs bursting.” On a side note, isn’t it kind of weird that our national song, the song that represents our country talks about bombs and how that was our “proof that our flag was still there?” Anyways, it was McCartney’s job to know the words, as I’m sure he was getting paid for this appearance.

I think the best part of this screw up is the look on the racer’s faces when they realize he skipped some lyrics. It’s awkward and hilarious all at the same time. The CNN reporters had some comical remarks too which is surprising since I find most anchor jokes to be lame, especially when they laugh at their own jokes. Watch the video from the link below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.



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