Using Twitter as a Fundraiser

I love finding new examples of how useful and multi-purpose Twitter is. And then rubbing it in my friend's faces who still refuse to believe me that it's not "just Facebook but only with status updates." Twitter's latest use: ending cancer.

Drew Olanoff is an avid tweeter and blogger, and has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. His approach to dealing with it has been with a strong sense of humor and some creative ideas to use two things that are a part of most people's daily lives - Twitter and bitching.

#BlameDrewsCancer is Olanoff's effort to give back to LIVESTRONG, which he says "has been by my side since my diagnosis," in his blog. It works like this: you can #BlameDrewsCancer for your favorite sports team losing, or for eating way too much Chinese food. Just tweet, "In a food coma because I ate way too much sweet and sour chicken. I #BlameDrewsCancer," or "I #BlameDrewsCancer for the stupid Packers losing." Pretty much anything you would usually call up your friend and bitch about, you can spare them and do it this way instead, and everyone wins. Because every tweet blaming Drew's cancer is being tallied up, and Olanoff is hoping to find a sponsor who will donate $1 per tweet. So far there have been 31,965.

But there's more. Olanoff must have jumped on the Twitter train early, because his Twitter name is just plain @Drew. So he came up with another idea that has never been done before. He is auctioning off his @Drew Twitter name, and all the money will go to LIVESTRONG. He set the bidding price at $10,000 in the hopes that some celebrity Drew would be interested. Drew Carey, who's current name is @DrewFromTV, has already bid $25,000, and took it one step further. If @DrewFromTV gets 100,000 followers by the time the auction ends on Nov. 9th, his will donate $100,000. And if he gets up to 1 million followers, he'll donate $1 million.

So take that Twitter-haters. How can you knock something that is raising awareness and money for a great cause, and is so ridiculously easy to do? If Drew Carey doesn't reach 1 million followers by Nov. 9th, I'll #BlameDrewsCancer.

-Erin B.

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