Lady Gaga's Alter-Ego

Everyone's favorite guilty pleasure, Lady Gaga has had a ton buzz these past couple weeks. First, there was her funky-goth VMA performance, then she hosted Saturday Night Live and performed bits of a new song called "Bad Romance." Oh yeah, and she *almost* kissed Madonna, which personally I thought was not worth all the hype it received. But by far the most shocking Gaga moment I've had recently was watching this video:
Lady Gaga on Boiling Points

Halfway through the video it was still unclear to me which one was supposed to be her. Lady Gaga, four years ago, is completely unrecognizable. Which is probably exactly how she likes it. Lady Gaga, aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is definitely an alter-ego. Stefani Germanotta can probably walk into a dark crowded bar and make it through the whole night without being bothered by anyone. But strap on that leotard and don the blond wig, and Lady Gaga is the world-wide superstar.

After getting over the initial shock, my curiosity got the better of me and I went on a Google hunt for more. This video showed another side of the real Lady Gaga - or is Lady Gaga the real one and Stefani Germonatta the alter-ego? - either way, it shows her performing in a small venue, clearly back when she was trying to break into the business:
Lady Gaga performing

Knowing that she does have a completely different person that she hides from the public makes it all that much better. It proves that it's all for show, part of the act, and in Lady Gaga's case, that makes her a better entertainer. And even more fun to Google.

-Erin B.

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