Outrage against Jan Moir

On October 16th 2009 Jan Moir published an article on Daily Mail questioning the death of Stephen Gately, a pop star singer in Boyzone. The death of Stephen Gately was announced to be from natural causes, but the following morning Jan Moir questioned the real reason behind the death, hinting towards the death being related to Gately being gay.

These statements lead to a storm of protest almost immediately after the posting. Over 1,000 complaints were made to the Press Complaints Commission. Brands including Marks & Spencer have asked for their advertisements to be removed on the Daily Mail website pages that feature this article. Today on Twitter, approximately 100 posts per minute are being tweeted in opposition of Jan Moir’s statements. Earlier today a Facebook page was set up urging users to lobby brands featured on the page.

The article was widely seen as an outspoken attack on gay lifestyles and civil partnerships. Jan Moir released a statement stating that was not her intention. But I think the damage has been done, and many people are outraged. It will take some serious work to build up her fans again.

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