Facebook is Your "Get Out of Jail Free" Card

Your Facebook status can be an alibi to keep your butt out of jail. Rodney Bradford's status proved to be a reliable alibi when he was accused and jailed for robbery. It was the time stamp and location of where the status was updated that proved it was impossible for him to have been at the scene of the crime.

I guess it's cool that something simple like that can keep you from getting wrongly convicted of a crime, but are we losing our right to privacy in the process? I understand that yes if you put something on the internet it is basically out there forever for the world to see and use as it so pleases, but it kind of sucks too.

We use the internet for everything even though we know that it's not really safe to do so. We pay our bills online, check our bank accounts online, shop online, read up on celebrity gossip, and chat with friends on Facebook. It kind of makes you think, what did our grandparents and those before them do without advanced technology? Today, WE ARE our computers, our iPods, and our cell phones. If one breaks we feel like a part of us is missing, but if it keeps me out of jail I guess I can live with that.



Marksist said...

shit, I better go update my status ASAP. My wife is always wondering where I go after work:)

Anonymous said...

So what was his update?

Missi said...

I'm guessing his update went something like this: "OmG, I need to go to the cash machine"