There's a Divorce Fair?!

I love Paris. It's beautiful, different, magical, but realistic. Here's another reason why I love Paris: They not only have a wedding fair, but a fair for divorce.

This past Sunday divorcees or soon to be divorced individuals brought their marital problems to the place known as the city of lights and love. Sixty stands were dedicated to this "New Start Trade Fair" with services offering legal advice, divorce lawyers, tarot card readers, self-esteem coaches, and makeover specialists. The two-day event included talks such as "Plastic Surgery's Role in Re-Conquering your image," "Meeting on the Web," and my personal favorite, "How to Re-Seduce Your Partner Using the Gestalt Method."

The fair's creator had the idea after the French president divorced his wife shortly after taking office, saying that divorce has lost its stigma, its effect, and is now fairly common. I think the only reason divorce has lost its "stigma" is because marriage is not looked at as a holy union anymore. People, or some people I should say, think "well if my marriage fails, I can always get a divorce". We live in a society where kids are getting pregnant and getting married before they earn a college degree, one in which a celebrity knows someone for two weeks, marries them, and divorces them within the same month.

Even if marriage and divorce isn't taken seriously anymore, I think this divorce fair is a fantastic idea. Divorce sucks, everyone knows that. So why not make it a little easier for people? I'd go to this fair now and I'm single. Tarot card readers, makeover specialists, and free legal advice, sounds pretty legit to me and oh yeah, it's in Paris!



Joy said...

Celebrities should be ashamed of themselves! They treat marriage like a 4th grade relationship.

TTT said...

Very interesting. I agree that events like these should occur more often. Not that I agree divorce should lose its stigma (too many people get hurt by it), but it's so predominent that there really does need to be more resources for those dealing w/ one.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the Frenchies