Is the iPhone Hype Over?

With all the new smart phones hitting the market, iPhone and AT&T are feeling the pinch. Verizon has been hitting AT&T hard with commercials advertising their new smart phone Droid (available today) and advertising Verizon’s largest 3G network. Droid is supposedly the Smartphone that can do everything that the iPhone can’t. Verizon directly attacks the iPhone by referring the iPhone as iDon’t.

Verizon’s campaign is also playing commercials showing maps of AT&T’s 3G coverage compared to Verizon’s 3G coverage. Check it out:

AT&T is actually suing Verizon because they claim that this commercial does not accurately represent their coverage, leading to a loss in market share. Verizon is stating that the commercial clearly states that the maps are for only their 3G network, and it is totally accurate.

There is no doubt that Verizon is directly competing with AT&T, but will it be enough to triumph the beloved Apple iPhone?

-Annie H.


r said...

One giant suing another. Why can't they just get along?

Will said...

If they did get a long they would rule the entire world. Probably better this way...