To the Moon!

An architect company based out of Barcelona has begun production on the Galactic Suite Space Resort. That's right in 2012 you might be able to take a vacation in space for only a mere 4.4 million dollars. The hefty price includes a three-night stay at the hotel, which is in space, and an eight-week training course that takes place on a tropical island. Shit I'd do it just for the eight weeks on a beautiful island and it would cost me less than 4 million bucks.

While in space, by the way, it takes a day and a half to get to the hotel in space, you will orbit the earth every 80 minutes and watch the sun rise 15 times a day. You also get wear a sweet ass Velcro suit so "you can crawl around your pod rooms by sticking yourselves to the walls like Spiderman." Only in space can you become a little like Spiderman, every man's dream. Apparently 43 people have already made reservations for this one of a kind vacation. Personally, the whole thing makes me kind of laugh out loud. I just want the tropical island part of the deal and the Velcro suit. Oh, but I would go if there were some guaranteed alien sightings.




Joy said...

By 2012 I'll be a millionaire. Where do I sign up?

Mike checker said...

Makes sense. No money to made here on earth. Space, the final money making frontier.