Jon Gosselin Sues TLC, Big Surprise

Reality "star" Jon Gosselin is suing TLC for a cool $5 million bucks, claiming the network and its representatives have damaged his reputation and any further chances of a career in the media. First of all, Jon Gosselin is a douche and he damaged his own reputation by ditching his wife and eight kids on national TV. Gosselin also claims that TLC contacted media sources he was in touch with and convinced them not to work with the dead beat dad. As I recall Gosselin signed a contract with TLC and broke that contract. I'm pretty sure that gives network every right to prevent Gosselin from having any more fun in the media's eye than he's already having.
I feel the whole "Jon & Kate plus Eight" fiasco is like beating a dead horse. At this point, no one really cares. I like the show and still watch it, but both parents seem to take every chance they get to exploit themselves and their situation to the media. Both state that they only care about their kids and what's best for their kids, but if this was true then both parents would try to keep their situation as quiet and private as possible.

Here's a thought. TLC should ditch the kids all together and come up with a new show, "Jon & Kate: Fight to the Death." A half hour show per week can be devoted to Jon and Kate talking to their lawyers, magazines, and shows like "Good Morning America." The season finale can be Jon and Kate at their divorce trial, but instead of a trial, there's a boxing ring. Then just let them duke it out. I have a feeling Kate would win. Jon could never stand up to her nagging and bitching anyways like back in the old days when they were still a "happy family".



t said...

For a second I thought that he was suing the R&B group.

Mel said...

I like the honesty, "Jon Gosselin is a douche...". Hah!

Anonymous said...

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