Fall Out Boy's Break

After releasing about an album a year since 2003, Fall Out Boy is taking a break.  According to their drummer Andy Hurley, they are on "hiatus" for the next year at least.  They are releasing a greatest hits album on November 17th called Believers Never Die, and then they are done for the near future.  However, Pete Wentz, who can never resist making a tounge-in-cheek statement, told MTV that they would reunite right away if given the opportunity to play in Sealand. Apparently, The Principality of Sealand is an independent micronation about six miles off the coast of Great Britain, was founded in 1967, and is run by a British radio broadcaster.  Never heard of it?  Neither had we.  Pete Wentz must spend too much time on Wikipedia, which could possibly be to blame for the band's hiatus. 

Read the full interview with MTV here



Marksist said...

Good riddance I say.

Louis Anderson said...

They must've had a fall out...ewwww waaaaazing!