Speidi is on the Prawl

Heidi and Spencer, also known as ‘Speidi’, are now looking for new business opportunities to sell themselves away. As of this Monday Speidi is trying to promote a new book, How to be Famous.  Because they have so much valuable insight on how the average person can sell their soul to entertainment for millions. All you have to do is forget all of your morals, give up any true virtues and be as racy and controversial as possible. Be caddy, start fights with your friends, backstab every person you meet, but at the same time make the public to care. They can love you  or hate you just as long as they know who you are. 

Speidi, you truly are pathetic. This is just ridiculous. Have you run out of money? Are you missing the spotlight? Get the hint: No one cares about what you do! My advice to Speidi is to move on and try to enjoy each other, if that ‘s possible.

-Annie H.


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Lauren Conrad said...

If you don't care about these people why write about them? It just fuels the monster.