Random Thought of the Day: Fat, American, Beef-eaters

Okay, so this is a totally random thought, but what if Americans started counting calories and eating healthier? What would happen?

Well immediately, Americans would see an increase in productivity, increased happiness, and longer lives. We could finally get away from the stereotype of fat, beef eating Americans, which stereotypes are in place for a reason. We ARE fat, beef eating Americans, and anyone that disputes this fact needs to wake up! When I think of an American diet I think about the heart of this country in the Midwest consisting of meat and potatoes. What ever happened to vegetables and fruits? They are good too, I promise.

Anyway, what sparked this thought was reading an article about The House passing a Bill that would require restaurants to post calorie counts. Now, I agree with this and the population that already regulates their calorie intake would benefit from this greatly. But then again, I doubt these people go to the chain restaurants of America like McDonalds or Chili’s regularly anyway. And for the rest of America that doesn’t count calories or care to count calories and eats out three to four times a week, I don’t think adding how many calories they are taking in is going to effect their choices. If they don’t care now, this won’t make them care either.

This is a start to a healthier American diet, but adding calorie counts alone will not change what Americans eat. We need to educate the population about healthy choices, and get Americans off the BEEF!

-Annie H.

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Anonymous said...

Subway is groundbreaking...and I guess so are the foot steps of most Americans. BEEF EATERS