CNN Needs to Find Better "Latest News" Stories

CNN is a pretty legit and respected news source for most of us. Although today under its "Latest News" section reads a story titled, "Jessica Simpson finds a Bosom Buddy". By bosom buddy they do mean, big boob buddy. Yes, the article is all about how Dolly Parton tweeted about going to the chiropractor because her back hurts because she has large breasts. Simpson tweeted back "Amen." That is basically the whole story a part from some pretty inappropriate quotes from her dad commenting on her boobs and being sexy, it's gross. Why CNN, why. This story isn't even under entertainment news. It's a few stories down from Obama, same-sex marriage decisions, and murder, oh and it is one story above voting for CNN's Hero of the year. Is celebrity news becoming more important than real news, things we should care about but no one really does?




Marksist said...

Unfortunately I will have to answer yes to your last question. "Celebreality" on TV is more important for a lot people than watching the 6'o'clock news! I attribute it to escapism. We envy the way celebs live. We also like to criticize them to make ourselves feel good. True?

Anonymous said...

Kinda have to agree