Australia Needs to Chill Out: It's Britney Bitch

Britney Spears has arrived in Australia and already the Aussies have their knickers in a bunch. Ms. Spears is set to perform 14 shows while in Australia with tickets going for as much as $1,500. This creates a problem because Brit Brit is known for lip-synching during her shows and the Australian government wants consumers to know that's what they're paying for.

The Aussies want to pass a law that would require artists to claim whether they will be lip-synching or performing live during their performance so audience members will know exactly what they're paying for. That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard.

As my good friend Tyler once told me, "Honey, if you want to hear a good voice you go to a Christina Aguilera show. You go to a Britney Spears concert for the performance." I agree. Everyone knows that Britney Spears lip-synchs. We've known this since day one of her career. That's not why we like her, it's because she's the whole package. It's because she is the pop princess and she can do whatever the hell she wants. I couldn't dance around and sing for an hour and a half straight, yeah right. So Australia back off and let her do the damn thing. Her fans know exactly what they're paying for.



joy A said...

I guess you have a good point. That youtube video is pretty famous, so I think most ppl know she has no talent in the vocal realm. It doens't make me appreciate her anymore.

Anonymous said...

threw up in my mouth...twice.

Tooth said...

Australia is soooo lucky. 14 shows! ;)