Welcome “worldmode” iPhone!

There has been a lot of buzz concerning Verizon’s attacks on AT&T by creating phones directly in competition of the iPhone and by attacking AT&T’s service.

Well, according to AppleInsider, Apple is in the works of creating a “worldmode” iPhone that will be available to other networks, especially Verizon. Even though Verizon’s Blackberry Storm and Droid (which was just launched last Friday) were created to combat AT&T’s iPhone sales. Verizon has reportedly been in contact with Apple about getting the iPhone. In fact, Verizon is expected to have the phone within the year.

This may have negative effects for Verizon’s Droid sales, because customers may hold off to purchase the iPhone. Furthermore, AT&T may be seeing some losses as customer’s switch to Verizon. They will lose the exclusivity with the iPhone, which will most likely lower their market share.

It will be interesting to see how the two major networks will compete when they both have the iPhone. What incentives will they give to choose their network? Will the prices drop dramatically? I think this is a good thing for us consumers. Verizon and AT&T will have to compete off prices, quality of service, and size/speed of network. Finally! The end of the AT&T’s monopoly with the iPhone!

-Annie H.

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