“America’s Safest Cities”: Minneapolis, MN

Our beloved Minneapolis metropolitan area tops the Forbes.com list for the safest cities in the U.S. Minneapolis ranked in the top 10 in low crime rate, workplace fatalities, traffic-related deaths, and natural disaster risk categories.

The natural disaster risk was measure using in part The 2008 US City Rankings from SustainLane: People-Powered Sustainability Guide. They covered the greening of the 50 most-populous cities, which Minneapolis was 7th overall. Below is how Minneapolis ranked on all the criteria, including City communiting, metro transit, local food/agriculture, and green economy. Minneapolis, quoted the "midwestern jewel", is top ranked on local food and agriculture, communications, and city innovation.

Furthermore, Minneapolis is experiencing huge reductions in violent crimes due to proactive policing targeting the most violent criminals. Go Minneapolis! Check out the rest of Forbe's Safest Cities.

-Annie H.


Tim said...

So much for the nickname Murderapolis.
We've come along way since then.

Minypolitan said...

Yeah it's safe from criminals, but ask small business owners if they feel safe from our government.

Tim said...

You make a good point (above). I've heard that laws here don't exactly cater to small businesses.

Keveeno said...

hey I'm just happy my hometown (washington, DC) is finally off the 15 most dangerous cities haha. Maybe we can get off the top 20 some day?