Eye of the Tiger Sale

I'm just as over the "Tiger Woods has a mistress" media swarm as the next person, but I couldn't resist taking a look at this. Spirit Airlines is offering a sale on airfare prices as low as $9 in honor of the newest sports-figure-scandal.

The Eye of the Tiger sale - watch the ad

I'm not entirely sure what golf, Tiger Woods, car accidents or anything involved in this ad have to do with flying and buying airplane tickets. I had also never heard of Spirit Airlines before today either. Clearly the ad campaign is working. At least while it lasts. I predict tomorrow's post will be something like, "Tiger Woods sues Spirit Airlines for invasion of privacy and appropriation. And loses."


!!! said...


Tiger said...

I was not wearing a f-ing black hat. They need to get their facts straight.

CMK said...

Kinda of a cheap shot, but pretty brilliant marketing. You have to take advantage of what's "hot" right now. You may not have known them, but Spirit airlines must be getting an increase in traffic now.