Neil Young is the Prince of Bel-Air

Watch this hilarious clip of Jimmy Fallon on his late night show performing as Neil Young singing the theme song from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air TV show.

When I first saw this clip I thought it was really Neil Young singing it and I thought it was genius, but when I watched it again it was Fallon. He not only looks like Neil Young, but he sounds ridiculously similar to him. I’ve never watched Fallon’s show, but if this is what his show entails I might be intrigued to watch it more often. I loved Fallon on SNL and it looks like he’s carrying some of his antics over to his own talk show.



Anonymous said...

Jimmy's not too good at much (i.e. not laughing on camera), but I was pretty impressed w/ this impersonation.

JOy said...

If you just listen to the audio I bet the majority of people would think it really was Neil.