Rolling Stone's List of Meltdowns and Blowups

Along with all the lists of the top songs and albums of the decade, Rolling Stone has made an entertaining list of artists' shenanigans that stood out the most over the past 10 years. The list is long (surprised? of course not), but here are my personal favorites:

• Ashley Simpson's lip syncing on Saturday Night Live and avoiding an awkward moment by doing a jig

• Madonna adopts an orphan that wasn't really orphaned

• A bald Britney Spears attacks a papa-paparazzi car with an umbrella-ella-ella

• Brett Michaels gets nailed by part of the stage set during a performance at the Tonys. I'm wondering why he'd be so upset and embarrassed by that after Rock of Love one AND two.

• Metallica sues Napster

• Mariah Carey pops in on TRL and goes a little nuts with an ice cream truck.

• Madonna and Brittney girl-on-girl and Adam Lambert's boy-on-boy award show performances

• And of course, the Kanye vs. Taylor incident. He appeared on the Jay Leno Show afterward, where Leno asks him what his mother would think if she were with us - a little harsh, even for Kanye.

What would we do without entertainers?



Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that each one of these incidents probably benefited more than hurt the careers of those involved. Gotta love showbiz. I'm going go and make out w/ a 50 year old woman and cry on Jay Leno now. Let's see how famous i get.

Josh T said...

Nice break down of some of the list. Thanks for finding the videos.